How Nonprofit Helps Children of Fallen Veterans Attend College

With the VA’s treatment of veterans benefits under heightened scrutiny these days, one area unknown to many is the education of fallen Veterans’ children. In a Forbes magazine article published online May 22, 2014, Helaina Hovitz writes a compelling article about how a charitable organization fills in the gaps for college tuition when children of Veteran’s who have lost a parent are struggling to manage costs.


Hovitz writes, “More than 15,000 military children have lost a parent over the last 25 years, and often find themselves struggling to figure out how to fund their college education…. Children of Fallen Patriots (COFP), a nonprofit based out of Jacksonville Beach, Florida, helps thousands of struggling families with navigation assistance and extra funding. Founded by Army Veteran David Kim, the nonprofit helps fund college scholarships for children whose parents were killed in any capacity during the line of duty. Money from COFP can go towards tuition, renting an apartment, books, and other supplies.”

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