Horsemanship’s Academy at Valenti Equestrian Club Hosts Halloween Costume Parade

By October 20, 2016 Media No Comments

The Horsemanship’s Academy located at the Valenti Equestrian Club in Rancho Santa Fe hosted a Halloween Costume Parade on October 23rd for families and guests of children enrolled in the Academy. Academy students created themes, decorated their horses and dressed in corresponding costumes. The event included an abundance of Halloween candy and a freestyle dressage performance set to music. The Horsemanship Academy is a boutique riding school teaching the European traditions of horsemanship.


Courtesy photos.


  • Costume parade in the Dave Cox dressage arena.
  • Angelina Repetti, Lara and Taelyn Perry, Becca Pham and Christina Junge with horse “Fiona”. Theme: Hippo (“Fiona”) with Medical Team.
  • Claire Hoffman with horse“Tinker Bell”. Theme: My Little Pony
  • Alexandra Flower, Julia Brumer, Campbell Bush with horse “Sapphire”. Theme: Disco Ball.
  • Julianne Cox, Sophie Eggers, Lily Finley with horse “Bobbie”. Theme: Pink Ladies with Poodle.
  • Annie Marx, Sofia Martin, Lauren Tracey, Amelia Gilkey with horses “Pokey” and “Diddy”. Theme: Col Sanders and Chicken Nuggets – Kentucky Fried Chicken
  • Irene Valenti (Founder, Valenti Equestrian Club), Daly Gibson with horse “Bellagio”. Theme: Knight with Knight’s horse.
  • Naomi Smith as Mermaid.
  • Irene Valenti (Founder, Valenti Equestrian Club), Naomi Smith
  • Dressage performer Janice Brooks-Garry riding her horse “Cumulus”.
  • Dillon Smith, Kasja Wiberg (Horsemanship’s Academy Trainer and event organizer).
  • Lollypops and pumpkins
  • Scull, boney hand and candy