20 Photos To Show You The Beauty Of Human Nature

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The beauty of the human soul is not in the pretty face, it’s found within the heart, and hands of those who look, and stay. With all the daily violence going on around the globe, we might feel that the beauty remains in the pretty face only, the heart and hands are lost. But did humanity really get lost? The following are 20 pictures which will revive your hopes for the human condition, give you faith in our fellow humans.

1. citizen

This “Citizen of the Earth” saved a person from getting a car ticket. Very amicable person, don’t you think?

2. helpfulman

It seems that this gentleman has missed his train while helping this lady with her bags. No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.


Act like this reminds us that you don’t need a reason to help people.

4. library

Nowadays, people tend to believe that teenagers are not virtuous. Think again please!

5. professor

Professors like him not only stop at teaching us our “education”, but extend further to teach us moral values we need as humans.

6. firefighter

This fire fighter overcame more dangers just to rescue this person’s prominent family member!

7. fawn

One family rescued this orphaned fawn, and raised her with their other pets. And now she is just another member of the family.

8. catlover

Another kind soul gave up his umbrella to keep this kitten dry from the rain. Wonderful!

9. therock

Wrestlers may have serious attitudes on the wrestling arenas, but they are human beings too! Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, while driving, saw this kid running after his car. He stopped, and found out that the kid was fighting cancer (Hodgkin’s Lymphoma), and it was his lifelong dream of meeting his favorite superstar. In return, the hero thanked him, hugged him, and took pictures with him. Both are superstars here!

10. kindle

A very selfless stranger has given this homeless gentleman his own kindle so that he would stop reading the only book he has, all the time. A Kindly person kindled humanity.

11. dan

This is Dan. A genuinely wonderful soul, who, using his own money, treats the local cancer patients, nurses, doctors, and everyone in the cancer center to cups of coffee.

12. samaritan

Who wouldn’t want a neighbor like good Gilligan? He reminds me of Art Hochberg’s quotes, “To help a friend is really good. To help yourself is also really good. To help a stranger is the very best.”

13. owner

Imagine every restaurant owner makes progress like this, the starving population would decline drastically. Hats off to such initiative!

14. iphone

These strangers are not only kind enough to return an expensive item to its rightful owner, and bored, but have great sense of humor too!

15. littlegirl

It is not always the elders who act kind towards others, little children have similar ethics too. This note maybe small, but has great power to capture one’s heart. Thank you Anica!

16. grocery

A small generous act from a grocery store employee is enough to bring back faith in humanity!

17. laundry

We should have laundries like this to boost all unemployed people’s spirits. Brilliant action!

18. rugby

Another sports star, Rugby player Brian O’Driscoll has enthralled his biggest fan by a surprise visit to the hospital. What could be a better medicine than this?

19. barber

The elderly man on the right is a barber, who doesn’t take money from haircuts, rather, accepts hugs as payments. Humanity restored beautifully, right?

20. ROYAL Diana/Kathmandu file

And lastly, there was one person, a celebrity, a mother, a beautiful human being, who also happened to be a Royal Princess, set a true meaning to humanity through her works, and through her words.  She said, “Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of a reward, safe in the knowledge that one day, someone might do the same for you”. Here is Princess Diana for you.



Featured photo credit: Wonderlane via flickr.com

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